General Practice Fees:

We are a private billing practice. 

Our up to date consultation fee list can be found here

Many people are unaware of the Medicare safety net. Once your family reaches the threshold for the year, you will receive your usual rebate, plus 80% of the gap back into your account on the day. For more information go to: 

If you have a chronic disease like diabetes, thyroid disease, arthritis or asthma, please enquire about having a chronic disease management plan. This will enable us to see you regularly for little or no out-of-pocket expense. 

Payment is made on the day of appointment; no accounts will be given. We take cash and EFTPOS payments.  In most instances we can claim your medicare rebate instantly for you through our Tyro terminal.  Your rebate will be transfered straight back into your savings or cheque account.  Please ask reception for more details.


Anti-wrinkle Injection Prices


Price per unit

121 units or more


91 to 120 units


61 to 90 units


31 to 60 units


1 to 30 units



We provide a price range rather than a set price per treatment area as our cosmetic doctors tailor the treatment to the individual.

Anti Wrinkle injections are measured in units. The more units that are used the more cost effective it is, for example multiple treatment areas end up more cost effective.


Dermal Filler Prices

Our general philosophy is to use the minimal amount of dermal filler required to obtain the desired result. Often 1mL of filler can be placed in multiple parts of the face. Our goal is to create natural-looking results.

Number of Syringes used in 1 session















For total face rejuvenation, 3-5 ml are needed: Price range $1750-$2550

Lips and peri oral   1-2 mls of filler: Price range $680-$1200

Cheeks 1-3 ml of filler: price range $680-$1750

Temples 1ml of filler: Price range $680

We provide a price range for our filler treatments rather than a set price as our doctor’s tailor the amount and treatment to your individual needs and desired results.

The greater the amount of filler used the more cost effective it is., for example multiple treatment areas works out more cost effective per ml.

Vampire Facial

PRP ‘Vampire Facial’ Treatment Guide

treatment uses the patient's own blood for rejuvenation. The prices below include 3 treatments. Treatments are spaced 1 – 2 weeks apart.

Full face


Neck & decolletage


Full face & back of hands


Neck, decolletage & back of hands


Full face, neck & decolletage


Full face, neck, decolletage & back of hands




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